Tired of having to alter your qipao after receiving it? At Qipaomood we offer free alteration based on individual measurements

About US

Qipaomood is a mother - daughter qipao store aiming to create affordable and personalized experiences for qipao lovers. We alter the dress based on your personal measurements so that you don't need to worry about the fitting after you receive our product.

My name is Jingjing. I am a Chinese girl in love with the traditional culture and the Chinese Dress. I am running this shop with my dearest mom and my little sister. My mom has been in the textile business for more than 30 years and she is doing all the alterations currently. My sister is helping with photos and shipping.

Overall, Qipaomood is a mother-daughter qipao store aiming to create an affordable and personalized qipao experience for qipao lovers. The name itself was partially inspired by the iconic movie "in the mood for love" in which the protagonist Maggie Cheung changed more than 20 qipao outfits there.

As demanding as qipao can be for your figure, we are currently offering free alterations for all the dresses so they can be more personalized for you (I know how costly alterations can be in North America, Europe, and other counties ). Feel free to let me know about your measurements. Alteration usually takes 1-7 days depending on the workload and if we have the dress in stock. We also offer customization for some of our wedding dresses.

Currently My mom is doing all the alterations and my little sister is helping with taking photos and shipment arrangements.

My mother working

My mother altering a Qipao

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