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Qipao Fashion in Chinese Films

Posted by Jingjing Tong on

Cheongsam(Qipao), the traditional clothing of Chinese women, is known as the quintessence of China and women's national dress. It is one of the most gorgeous phenomena and forms in China's long clothing culture. Little did you know that there are elements of cheongsam in many movies! It can be said that every actress has her own merits in wearing cheongsam. Below, the editor will take stock of the classic cheongsam images in movies and TV shows.

1. Su Lizhen——Maggie Cheung
Maggie Cheung plays a woman with a cold fragrance in the movie "In the Mood for Love". The cheongsam she wears is the representative of Chinese classical cheongsam. The dazzling cheongsam makes her sometimes elegant, sometimes melancholy, sometimes graceful, sometimes sad, and sometimes Magnanimous, every cheongsam represents the mood of the heroine. Maggie Cheung keeps changing cheongsams, but what cannot be replaced is the soft and mature aura of a woman. This is also a highlight of the film.

2. Wang Jiazhi——Tang Wei

In "Lust, Caution", Tang Wei was just a patriotic student at the beginning. After several months of training, Wang Jiazhi stepped out in a cheongsam, elegant, sophisticated, sexy, charming, and eye-catching. The 1930s was the most glorious era for cheongsam. In 1942, when Wang Jiazhi lived, the cheongsam was still continuing its golden age. Coupled with Tang Wei's tall and well-proportioned figure, she wore a cheongsam with a classic sexy look, which outlined the style of Shanghai women.

3. Jade Mo——Ni Ni
Before watching "Jinling Thirteen Hairpins", the editor had never been optimistic about Ni Ni's acting skills. After watching it, I felt slapped in the face. Ni Ni's jade ink in every move in the movie, every frown and every tuft, all reveal the Qinhuai River top quality. style. The bright embroidery on the cheongsam perfectly highlights the coolness of the jade ink. The side slits that reveal more and less reveal fully reflect her female figure. The gourd-shaped lines of big breasts, fat hips and slender waist make her body graceful and wonderful.

4. The county magistrate’s wife——Carina Lau
In the movie "Let the Bullets Fly", Carina Lau plays the wife of the county magistrate. She was originally the sweetheart Ma Bond met in a brothel. Under her charming and charming face, she has a manly ambition, fearless of heaven and earth, but the feminine elements of the charming appearance are perfectly reflected.


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