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What do You Know about Qipao Accessories

投稿者 : Jingjing Tong on

Everyone knows that wearing cheongsam accessories is very important. The accessories can be worn in a variety of ways, including makeup, jewelry, shawls, carrying bags, fans, parasols or oil-paper umbrellas, high heels, etc. Such varied combinations add different colors to cheongsam.

The makeup of cheongsam pursues natural cleanliness and texture, and heavy makeup is the most taboo. Eye makeup is often done with red phoenix eyes, with the ends of the eyes elongated and upturned. The color of the lips echoes the color of the cheongsam. Use blush to enhance the dimension of your face. Eyebrow makeup can be based on curved willow eyebrows and natural eyebrow shape.

Hairstyle: Wearing cheongsam is suitable for wearing a bun, but it does not need to be bunded. The hair can be long and flowing naturally or with a perm. If you have a bun, you can use classical buns and buns to show the elegance of classical women. You can use natural side parting, retro wave bangs, or no bangs. The headdress is mainly made of small pearl jewelry, which can better highlight the classical temperament of the overall shape of the cheongsam.

2. Jewelry

Jewelry is called the "close friend" of the cheongsam, so if you want to wear the cheongsam with charm, jewelry is indispensable. Jewelry mainly includes earrings (the smaller the better, just visible), necklaces, corsages, bracelets, rings, etc. In terms of materials, jade, jade, agate, pearls, and cloisonne are all good choices. They are all very suitable for cheongsam.

3. Shoes

When women wear cheongsam, it is suitable to wear high-heeled leather shoes or cloth shoes (embroidered shoes). Wearing high-heeled shoes can increase the body's center of gravity and make a person's posture more elegant and dignified.

4. Fans: Fans that match cheongsam are mainly made of bamboo, wood, paper, silk, etc.