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All you need to know about choosing a Qipao

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If you ask what kind of clothing can best reflect the beauty of an elegant and intellectual woman, I think the cheongsam is the first choice. The cheongsam is elegant and elegant, and the white flowers on the blue background are elegant. There are many beauties from the East who are unparalleled, their movements are erratic and their steps are light. The beauty of cheongsam is subtle and sexy, and the rhythm is rippling and melancholy. It can show gentle and elegant curves from the inside out in different time and space, different environments and different people.

The cheongsam was formed in the 1920s. Some scholars believe that its origins can be traced back to the deep garments of the pre-Qin and Han dynasties. It became the most common women's clothing after the 1920s of the Republic of China and was designated as one of the national dresses by the government of the Republic of China in 1929.

 How to wear a cheongsam

1. Occasion

When wearing cheongsam, you should pay attention to the occasion. You can not wear cheongsam on all occasions, such as business occasions, some international occasions, traveling, mountain climbing, and special occasions. You should not wear cheongsam in an unusual way. It is more suitable for occasions that show the beauty and elegance of women, such as Cheongsam banquets, cheongsam shows, parties, social events, etc.

 2. Accessories

Wearing cheongsam with appropriate accessories can reflect your dressing taste in details. When wearing cheongsam with some small accessories, it can better reflect your aesthetic taste. But when wearing accessories, you should also pay attention to the style of the accessories and don't overwhelm them. The cheongsam is our focus, and the accessories are the finishing touch, making the cheongsam more vivid and beautiful.

3. Size

Wearing a cheongsam is not as tight as possible. Cheongsam can show off a woman's curves, but don't wear an ill-fitting cheongsam just for the sake of your curves. An overly tight cheongsam will not only make you difficult to move and uncomfortable, but will also make you look coquettish. The best cheongsam size should be one that allows your body room to move and looks well-fitted without being tight.

4. Design, color and fabric

When wearing a cheongsam, you should pay attention to the color and fabric. Generally speaking, the color and fabric of the cheongsam you choose will be different depending on your age group.

For example, those who are slightly younger can be bolder and livelier in the choice of colors to show more vitality. Those who are a little more mature can choose some mature and stable colors. The fabrics are also more elegant and generous, which is more in line with the elegant temperament.

5. Range of action

When wearing a cheongsam, the range of movement should be suitable for raising a hand or making a full throw. The range of movement should not be too large, because the cheongsam is a garment that fits the body very well, and even wearing it will give you a sense of restraint. Arching your back and your waist will naturally tend to be straight. , the person's posture will be moderately corrected, and if there is a belly, the person will consciously suck the belly and try not to protrude too much.